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Metro Bus System
May 06, 2013 Salman N
Metro Bus System
Metro Bus System

A new state of the art Bus system has been introduced in Lahore, Pakistan which is using re-usable RFID tokens and automatic ticket-vending machines. The entire system including ticket-vending machines, PDA ticket rechargers and turnstiles is equipped with GPRS SIMS, in case the primary fibre link fails. The seamless switchover ensures that our fare collection system keeps working despite power cuts and disruptions in connectivity.

An important ingredient for long-term success of the project is the ability of the system to maintain a strict bus schedule. For this, each bus is equipped with an on-bus-unit (OBU) that communicates with a central bus scheduling system. The location and speed of each bus is tracked in real time and drivers are continuously updated about information to help them maintain their scheduled headway. The OBUs also communicate with a central system that automatically generates announcements of bus schedule for the passengers.

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