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What aspects of your city appear to be utilizing new technologies the most?
Campinas City App Plataform
May 05, 2013 Miguel R3
Campinas City App Plataform

a conceptual projet that potentially will be implemented soon, Based on a platform called CCA Campinas City App, that will create a pilot on a square where multiple Apps will be combined and interconnected with cultural, social, economic and environmental impact.
Campinas is a 1,2 million habitants city integrating São Paulo macrometropolis in Brazil.
These urban apps, will drive citizens and visitors for different experiences using QRCodes, Augmented Reality, free Wireless, Virtual Reality, Human interfaces , Physical Social Network, and will potencialize the involvement of student
population to develop additional App solutions on a open source environment.
Hopefully this platform will growth faster considering the potential large addition of the population, because several important elements had to be calibrated over the implementation process, but we the architecture will be designed only based on the existing infrastructure.

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