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What aspects do you think could better utilize new technologies?
Waste Management / City-Specific ERPs
May 04, 2013 Taylor V

I saw others touched on this as well. Waste management appears to be one of the few remaining "aspects" of cities (at least where I'm from) that has not recently had some form of technology implemented to improve its efficiency. Not sure how this could be improved, unless some type of city-specific ERP had a module for it.

Enterprise-wide resource planning has been huge in big companies and has been tried in some cities. City specific ERPs would probably have a waste management module that could collect metrics and allocate municipal resources. The only issue with city ERPs is making them flexible enough for growing / changing cities. ERPs can be rigid, thus making the processes of businesses (in this case, cities) rigid as well. If ERP technology could become more dynamic and flexible, this could really improve the efficiency of cities. All of the different "aspects" of cities could be integrated. City officials could even maybe have a "dashboard" of their city at a glance.


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