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What aspects do you think could better utilize new technologies?
The bus system
May 08, 2013 Sarah W32

The bus system in my city, Columbus, Ohio, isn't as efficient as it should be. With better timing and faster buses, we could fix this immediately. There have been attempts at making a bus app, but they never are exact on their timing, being either 10 minutes early, or 10 minutes late, which isn't reliable when you depend on the bus. An app that can track the bus via RFIDs or some strong sensor would be awesome so the app would be on time with the buses. Buses do need to travel quicker as well, and for this to happen, we could implement BRT lanes, or bus rapid transit lanes. They function almost like a subway, where you pay at the station and then can just get onto the bus when it arrives, which makes stopping and going for the bus much faster. And because the bus will have a lane to itself, it will be quicker between stops as well.

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