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What aspects do you think could better utilize new technologies?
Participatory urban development approaches
May 08, 2013 Christoph M

Urban development is developing away from its traditional top-down approach in which planning "masterminds" realize their vision for the greater good of urban society.

More often brownfields are renewed based on participatory approaches which provide a dynamic bottom-up development, and therefore a less market driven outcome. A good example for such an approach is the reuse of the former central airport "Berlin Tempelhof"; see link below. The important part in this is the use of "pioneers" which provide first uses on the opened site.

Such approaches could heavily benefit from the increased use of modern technologies such as mobile apps for interactive distribution of information on developments in the area, or gathering of information how people use the early "pioneer spaces/services". The collected data could then be used to inform more permanent/built developments and infrastructure, making sure it meets the actual needs of the public instead of financial interests

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