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What aspects do you think could better utilize new technologies?
Bureacracy, Doctor appointments
Updated: May 07, 2013 Iria D

Living in big cities, time is a issue. So, anything that helps us to optimize time would be great, let it be choosing the better car route or just doing the groceries automatically (with smart fridges).
Any system that allow us to perform any bureocracy or management activity from home without having to go to an specific place. Similar to the HUB idea in the Ericsson video (I saw it today).
For example, doing my taxes declaration from home. Or inform my doctor of why I am going to see him (is not the same just getting some prescription that having a medical check-up).
Or just going to the supermarket and only having to pick up my grocery bags done because my fridge has sent data about what I needed to buy at the supermarket.


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