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What are some sources for open data on cities?
May 21, 2013 Lyndall S

I’d like to introduce you to the Open Cities Project. Run by the World Bank in conjunction with the Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction, the project aims to catalyze the creation, management, and use of data to enhance urban planning and resilience across the South Asia Region (SAR). The project will be run in two phases:

Phase I: The first phase is to collect and data using open source platforms, such as OpenStreetMap, and consolidate data that already exists in government, development partners and other actors

Phase II: The second phase will be an ongoing civic hacking engagement to build tools, applications and data visualisations solve the region’s most pressing urban problems, leveraging the data collected in phase I

We don't have all the data yet but we'd love you to come back when we do or help us collect it using openstreetmap!

Follow us on twitter @opencitiesproj or read our blog below for upcoming events.

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