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What are examples of feedback technologies in planning processes?
Collaborative decision making tool like Loomio
Mar 25, 2014 Michinori M
Collaborative decision making tool like Loomio

I have not been utilized this tool yet, but it seems to be effective.

See also article on Loomio below.
Can Social Software Change the World? Loomio Just Might

At its heart, Loomio does just two things. First, it makes it easy for anyone in a Loomio group to initiate a topic for conversation. And second, it makes it easy for any group member to offer a proposal up for a vote.
Early reviews from users suggest that Loomio is hitting a sweet spot between individual voice and collective decision.
Loomio has been in development for nearly a year now, and has more than 2,500 beta testers using it, in nearly 400 groups. Many are in New Zealand, and include local government entities, community groups, environmental organizations, and senior centers, but also a growing number of innovative and political organizations around the world.

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