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Due to your enthusiastic response on MindMixer, rewards are being snapped up much quicker than we expected. Suggest some ideas for incentives or rewards that you think will encourage participation.
Quality posts are rewarded
May 08, 2013 Ryan D10

How about participants with the best posts being asked to be facilitators next TechniCity?!

Would be awesome from a cultural perspective, having people all over the world communicating!

Rewards for quality could also be - people to follow based on quality of info - not number of posts.

I feel that a number of people with 'high scores' have been recipients of rewards and their quality of comments is in some cases 'spam' - architecture, new iPhone cases, all about the one same theme that is a bit off topic and things that not technology to get a prize..

Having a user return to a platform and engage in our days is a tricky game. I feel the incentives would benefit from altering towards quality not quantity..

Happy to talk further


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