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Due to your enthusiastic response on MindMixer, rewards are being snapped up much quicker than we expected. Suggest some ideas for incentives or rewards that you think will encourage participation.
Autographed Poster/Picture of (award-winning) city designs.
May 05, 2013 Nichola R

The companies, governments, people, etc who designed some of the award-winning cities which were implemented and are being used still with regular updates/tweeks to the design.

I will really like to get a compilation or portfolio (across a broad spectrum) of the top twenty ideas that were actually used in cities around the world to present to my government. If TechniCity Administrators were to get the first-hand knowledge backed by performance records of these amazing ideas and projects that could help cities in countries like mines. Trinidad & Tobago is a developing third-world country, often considered the City of the Caribbean.

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