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WeNodes: A Community Resource Distribution Toolkit
Updated: Apr 25, 2015 Heather K21

In my area, as in many, it can be hard for people w/resources to connect up w/people who might make use of them.

This can be for a variety of reasons - visibility, storage, security, transportation, etc.

WeNodes would help ease connection of resource have/want nodes + nodes who might assist w/transport, warehousing or other support needs

It would harness existing platform data + backend work & its own front-ends - Make P2P community resource distro a reality!

I see this being used to help people individually share a variety of resources+support & even make possible area businesses, etc. while reducing reliance on top down co. type support - Once the network of nodes builds up, this P2P approach should be superior in dynamic adherence to community needs. : - )

As presented, this describes the problem scope and a potential P1 approach + ideas for more per traffic & user interest

* see notes below for a lil' exposition on the approach
* Blogged: http://bit.ly/1Ge0fi9

More Info:
WeNodes presentation: PowToon hosted

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