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The Best Projects of TechniCity
Soul Kitchen: An app for food waste reduction
Updated: Apr 15, 2015 Carla O1

Living in the city of Barcelona and participating in TechniCity inspired our project idea. The city seems very wealthy and very well taken care off; tourists arrive everyday and the myriads enterprises that sell food in many cases throw edible food every night in order to keep their high quality. At the same time, besides the obvious wealth of the city, the financial crisis pushed many people to live in the streets. These people require quality food that can keep them healthy and full. Therefore, our project will connect these two sides and create a network of solidarity and resource efficiency. The mobile application is intended to be used by food leftovers donors (local restaurants, supermarkets, etc.) as well as volunteers where donors can register and provide information about the leftovers they have so that volunteers can see this information and go collect them and distribute them to the local soup kitchen where it will be given to people in need.


Idea Collaboration by  MindMixer