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Predicting Possible Sinkholes Through Crowdsourcing Technology
Updated: Apr 27, 2015 Jaewon S

As someone who lives in Seoul, I have become alarmed at the occurrences of sinkholes in the city. News reports of depressions in the ground seem to be broadcast with much greater frequency over the past several years. I understand that the major cause for the sinkholes is part of artificial processes – human constructions and human activity. Rapidly aging infrastructure means that sinkholes will become a greater challenge for the city in alerting the citizens and building reinforcement in time.

To help the government tackle this issue, a simple technological tool with which the residents and workers of Seoul upload signs of sinkholes around the city to create a map of possible sinkhole formations would be a tremendous help in making quicker and more informed security measures. Great cities all around the world are currently experiencing aging infrastructure; this is an application that could be not just used in Seoul but in other cities as well.


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