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Pollution eating tattoos on Cars.
Apr 16, 2015 Dineshaware A
Pollution eating tattoos on Cars.

Tattoos painted on cars converting polluted air in to clean air, when sun light of any UV light trigger breaking of NOX items in to harmless by-products due to titanium dioxide.
My idea awarded by Jaguar Land Rover , want to further elevate through this forum for further exploration. Tattoos made of tio2 nano particle enabled paints, where tio2 after reacting with UV light, sun light or dynamo running UV bulbs to trigger atom of NOX pollution component bursting in to peroxide, calcium nitrate, h2o, co like harmless by product which can be drained down in rain water, washing, recommending Tattoos because efficiency of pollution neutralizing will last for three year, young generation won't mind changing pollution bursting Tattoos every yr. If no repaint after 5 year. Challenge :chemical component will decay and form nitric acid like component, Advantages: Reduction in acid rain, soil, water contamination, food contamination, reduction in premature baby deaths, visual impairment du


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