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The Best Projects of TechniCity
Network management system (specially for Home networks)
Apr 19, 2015 saurabh J

Smart city can be thought of on a micro or macro scale. A view could also be that if every small element of the city is smart the city is smart.I have tried to address this by designing a website with the ability to analyze data from any computer network.(may it be campus network, home network or public network).I have also designed a router firmware for some programmable routers for home networks. This is a start to the vision to making every computer network smart. With the facility of managing and controlling the computer network by every owner with exceptional ease.
Here i add the link to the website and the project report:https://saurabhj.shinyapps.io/AForward/
the link to the website which can be used for analysis of data from any gateway device(ex router) if the data is in specified format.Please use the website in firefox for best experience.(use the router data links on the webpage to download the router data file)upload the downloaded file to the webpage from choose file


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