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Life on the Wire
Updated: Apr 20, 2015 Eric M55
Life on the Wire
Projected ART route for Southeastern part of Houston

Report on the Wire
1) Topic: I grew up in Houston, Texas and I am witness to the city’s rapid growth. But with this growth comes traffic. I looked to ART (Aerial Ropeway Transportation) technology as a possible solution to Houston’s current and increasing traffic problems.
2) What: I learned that the answer is complicated, ART systems are diverse, with many parts and different types which makes pricing difficult. There is little info on urban ART in the US since the only places that seem use ART in the US are ski-resorts.
3) Where: For Houston’s already a growing population, downtown planners have designed a light rail in the university district. A good idea on paper and for the local university, but it has caused great congestion along its route especially in areas of mixed traffic. Which is why I liked the idea of using ART.

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