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The Best Projects of TechniCity
Apr 27, 2015 Shiva K

H-Analyzer, a habit analyser, is a wearable personal mini intelligent computer or
simply an assistant. Catching up with machine learning and search engine optimization I plan
to explore on designing an automatic analyser for the daily feed. My product turns out to be a
personal care-taker by collecting wide range of data that is actually related to the user. In the
first 30 days of usage, this product learns the activities of the user and analyses the habits of
the user. Once done with the analysis, HA feeds the user with habits that can be changed by
the user in order to get healthier, in the most compatible and pleasing way. Using the
psychological triggering technique the HA detects the habit and significantly triggers the user
with the effects that his habits are making whenever the event occurs.

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