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compare Built form density with roads using GIS & Imagery
Updated: Apr 20, 2015 Pallavi J
compare Built form density with roads using GIS & Imagery

Project is explored in Nagdevi in ward B of Municipal Corporation Greater Mumbai, India. There are number of ways Building densities affect cities health. Floor Space Index, FSI is a guiding factor in shaping and controlling built densities in urban areas. Considering the existing scenario of buildings in Nagdevi, where existing consumed FSI is about 4 for most plots and in some cases it’s higher. In redevelopment of old buildings, FSI allocation is 50% + existing BUP, that leads to even taller buildings. Means, redevelopment of dilapidated buildings will invite higher consumption of FSI, hence higher area BUP. Aim of this project is to understand road proportion with respect to total consumed Built up (BUP) of an area using GIS / Satellite Imagery. This will help planners understand existing scenarios better for taking correct decisions when it comes to revising FSI for Mumbai city. http://www.slideshare.net/pallavi_prakash/jha-project-finaltecnicity


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