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The Best Projects of TechniCity
A single, comprehensive resource for the cycling community
Apr 21, 2015 Mackenzie J5

The Cycling Central project created the prototype of an online database to consolidate
resources, jargon, laws and news for the movement towards increasing cycle culture. There were
several pre-existing websites that compile large amounts of data about cycling and planning, however,
these sources tend to be biased based on political affiliations and views and often do not provide the
most basic information. This creates a steep learning curve for understanding the movement and leaves
researchers and community members to dig through a sea of information for answers that should be
simple. I was drawn to create such a database because it is my professional and personal goal to further
mass and active transit in the United States of America. If I am to be successful in encouraging alternative transportation, it is
critical to reduce these barriers to accessing information about cycling, not only for researchers like
myself, but for community members as well.

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