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A platform to improve touristic aspects of city
Apr 23, 2015 JFortunato H

First of all, I confess that I'm writting here due to the positve comments received. Thanks to the peers.

Let's go. In my city, maybe in others with one famous monument, visitors usually only spend time to visit the monument. But there are a lot of other historical places, buildings, natural enviorment... interesting to visit ... and to provide more business to the city.

Building a platform where develop a modular app, to offer to stakeholders (local authorities, groups or clubs of activities, owner of business like shops, restaurants..) the users can have more information, and overall, this information is customized to their taste and needs.

In summary, I want to design a very flexible and dynamic tool to improve the visitors experience at time that provides more local business.

More Info:
Improve touristic aspect of a city
Desgin of the platform/app

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