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Tourism and Technology in Seville
May 26, 2013 Daniel A6
Tourism and Technology in Seville

I am exploring the way in which we can use technology to enhance the tourist experience in Seville (Spain) and also to lower the environmental impact on the city’s heritage

I’ve learned different ways to apply in combination participation tools, GPS technologies and Augmented Reality to involve tourists in the life of the city and experience top tourism service. I’ve seen how tourist experience could be improve making personal through use of technologies.
In addition this new kind of tourist could occupy new city' spaces and other zone offering a better source of wealth distribution. Finally this technology could achieve a better distribution of tourists helping to lower the environmental impact on heritage.
By improving the knowledge about Seville, many tourists could choose other buildings or urban spaces that are less common than those that are currently visited, thus contributing to the preservation of the heritage.

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