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The Trucking culture
Updated: Jun 03, 2013 Tan Y In Progress
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The Trucking culture
The Trucking culture
Food Truck Archives

Imagine a world where the transport is part of the destination..
Other than your usual public transport bus or recycling truck, every once in a while we hop onto the sightseeing bus with the tourists to catch an opportunity for change.
Therefore, why not have different themed trucks! We could have an educational one that is decked out like a mobile museum, a clothing store or even a doctor's office for check up. Each themed truck/bus would have its own theme and would go to places according to the theme such as museum truck would be heading for museums. It would be 1) a lot easier to understand than numbers and streets 2) a lot more efficient as buses these days tend to cross roads with one another 3) a lot more fun and educational on the go!
With the rise of the food trucks, what if we set up a system where they could collect used oil from our local homes and restaurants. Then, they could convert the oil into biodiesel at stations to power their trucks!

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