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Tease Me Not- App to report eve-teasing incidents
Updated: Jun 04, 2013 Shabana C1 In Progress
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Tease Me Not- App to report eve-teasing incidents
Use case

Tease Me Not is an app to report an eve-teasing (a term used in India, Bangladesh etc. to refer to a prevalent phenomenon of public sexual harassment of women by men and can range from sexually offensive remarks to brushing and/or groping) incident, both in case you are the victim or a witness to such an incident.

The idea is for the app to provide gps co-ordinates to the online portal, so once you submit a report, it shows up as a pin on the map. Ofcourse it needs to be coded for that :). This will create an 'unsafe' places database on a map based web portal can be utilized by local government, women safety advocacy groups, etc to undertake requisite interventions towards creation of safe places for women in the city.

The app also has an 'Alert' features that sends a text message every time you enter an 'unsafe' place.

Have a look at the link below, click on 'Report Incident' and 'Subscribe' icons to get a feel of how the app will work.

See google doc link for Examples

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Tom S20
I like the idea of the app recording the GPS coordinates.

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