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Solidarity Communities =Solidarity Cities (CS)
Updated: Jun 03, 2013 Mariela S In Progress
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Solidarity Communities =Solidarity Cities (CS)

I want to explore how communications technology can facilitate the process of a paradigm shift in the behavior of the citizens who live in suburban areas.
On one side are the people who can attend and people can be assisted.
It argues that in the "Cities of Solidarity" is the citizen himself that, with the technology that is available to them, obtains and manages city services and this meets that demand an intelligent citizen services "wherever you are and when that is "increasing satisfaction and improving their quality of life.
Is the person who decides what he wants and when he wants it. And thanks to the participation by the minute, the citizen is truly aware of the city.
The 'Cities of Solidarity' public administration involve more proactive, flexible and adaptable, which improves responsiveness to the more complex needs of the citizen.

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