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Sharing Local Post-Disaster Data - Mobile App Design
Updated: May 30, 2013 Kathryn P4
Sharing Local Post-Disaster Data - Mobile App Design
StormSurvivor app
Sharing Local Post-Disaster Data - Mobile App Design

StormSurvivor is an app that provides post-storm information to citizens. Immediate concerns after a storm are weather and electricity outage information and locations of available gasoline, ice, food, and other supplies. The latter types of information would be gathered by crowd sourcing as users log in and identify open gas stations and stores/restaurants.

Much of this information is currently only available by driving through the city or by word of mouth from neighbors. Ways to connect and share information would also be provided such as a Twitter chat feed and photo galleries for residents to upload photos showing damage or road blockages.

I developed a mobile app (free from theappbuilder.com) that shows some of the features that would be included. The crowd sourcing data can be input into a ZeeMaps map where a user changes markers from green to red to indicate gas availability. The location is Baton Rouge, LA, but could be adapted for any city.

More Info:
Link to StormSurvivor app

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