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Relieve traffic congestion diverting on alternative routes
Updated: May 28, 2013 Mauro T
Relieve traffic congestion diverting on alternative routes
Simple mobile version

Update - just added a very simple mobile site: scan qrcode to access.

The project is about a modular urban traffic management system which aim is to divert traffic from the most congested routes to alternative ones. The system is feeded with data collected by traffic sensors or crowdsourced with a webapp, IM or social networks by an engaged community.

My final product is a simple website where you can have an idea of how the system work. I created a simple traffic data simulator made with Google Spreadsheet that take deductive “decision”. It is possible to open the spreadsheet and see the functions. You can also try to send a traffic report and see how this affect the system behavior. There are also some details about all of the elements of the system.

More Info:
Urban traffic management system - simulation

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