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Reinventing Public Bus Stop
May 28, 2013 Usama S

Solar station at every bus stop to help commuters recharge their cell phones. I have been relying on public transport for many years ever since I was in school. Although, I feel public transport makes life easier but I find waiting for buses at bus stops tiresome. Recently, I was waiting to catch the bus to work when suddenly I realized that my cell phone is out of charge. At that very moment, I thought to myself how convenient it would be for commuters like me to charge their cell phone while sitting at the bus stop if only there were access points or solar stations that would enable commuters to charge up their cell phone. Solar technology works best at sunny location and my city shares plenty of sunlight so small scale projects such as solar charging station might work best here.

In my project I made a small scale microcontroller based solar harvester to determine how much energy can I collect using a small solar panel and the data collected is also available on my blog below.

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