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Real Time Regional Public Transit Passenger Information System
Jun 01, 2013 David H56

Developed a plan/presentation to phase in and implement a Real Time Regional Public Transit Passenger Information System in New Mexico, utilizing pre-existing automatic vehicle location (AVL) data from public transit agencies for a public web portal and a mobile application.

The data would be provided by an AVL system on the bus that records every movement of the bus by cellular or satellite. This data could be put into user-friendly report formats.

Additionally, this real-time AVL data gets translated for a user-friendly web portal, mobile application or texting system to get the predictive/real time estimated arrival of the bus at a particular location that the customer is interested in.

The texting component comes into play when a customer does not have a smartphone or just prefers texting. They can text their stop number to a SMS text system and get an reply of when the next bus will arrive.

This will begin to be implemented in August 2013.


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