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PedApp: the App for Pedestrians!
Updated: Jun 03, 2013 Gabriela C In Progress
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PedApp: the App for Pedestrians!
PedApp: the App for Pedestrians!
PedApp: the App for Pedestrians!

PedApp is all about the opportunity of creating a web-based platform that would help pedestrians move around São Paulo – and which would help the city to maintain sidewalks.
30% of all commutes in the city are done by foot - and its not that we have great sidewalks: most of them are too narrow, or have inadequate surface, and can be dangerous, mostly at night... It's common for Paulistas not to walk in neighborhoods that we are not familiar with - simply because we assume they are unsafe. What happens is that people end up taking their cars and the road system is completly congestioned...
PedApp is good for locals, including children and elderly: by allowing them to navigate through safer - and, why not, more pleasent - routs and engaging them with the improvement of the public realm;
It's good for tourists: that could now take a chance and walk more around the city;
And it's good for the city: plannners and decision makers can prioritize investments and upgrades in sidewalks


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