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New technologies in Schools: A Case Study
May 24, 2013 Julie M39

As a pilot project in our county school system for online public engagement, I researched new technologies to see which the community would most like to see in a new elementary school and how each new technology could benefit the school community. I looked at energy dashboards, bus sensors, enhanced security, electronic play, and RFID tags on tablets and laptops. I surveyed parents, neighbors, students and teachers to see which new technologies were most of interest to them, and posted to the school website, to a blog, and via a series of Tweets. I will present my findings to the community over the summer during the modernization design process. My final report includes pie charts and graphs, graphics, and crowdsourcing maps. The text itself is about 9 pages. The particular school I looked at for my project is Wheaton Woods Elementary, located in Rockville, MD, USA, scheduled for a modernization with construction beginning in January 2015 and the new building opening in August 2016.

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