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My Idea Is To Build A Line Following Robot Using RF Technology
May 28, 2013 Niteen K
My Idea Is  To Build  A Line Following Robot Using RF Technology

The main objective of our project is to build a Robot that can follow a path provided by the user through the PC. The robot traces the path given from the PC with the use of Radio Frequency transmitter and receiver.
RF interface is used instead of IR to overcome all the drawbacks of the IR interface like short range, physical obstruction, etc.

Block Diagram Description:
The parallel port of the PC is connected to the encoder. This encoder is further connected to the RF transmitter module. The encoder continuously reads the status of the relay switches, passes the data to the RF transmitter and the transmitter transmits the data.
At the receiving end, the RF receiver receives this data and gives it to the decoder. The decoder converts single bit data into four bit data and presents to the DC motor. Now the driver performs the corresponding action, i.e., it rotates the dc motor clockwise or anticlockwise.

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