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Management of parking spaces
May 24, 2013 Yuri R
Management of parking spaces

My project is to develop an App on parking management similar to those in the market with varying integrate all management services. Improving sending users to places without pay.

Its features are:

A. Know the location and availability in real time slots in public parking areas.
B. Know the location of the facilities, schedules and pricing policies of providers.
C. Knowing the real-time availability of parking providers.
D. Enable tracking system. The app is showing the location of places of the vehicle enviroment.
E. Enable voice guidance system.
G. Assignment of the square closest to my location.
H. Enable timer.
I. Activate the system dials.
J. Make reservations in advance.
k. Know and adhere to promotions and special offers of providers.

I have designed a small mock-up with the basic functions, the website with which I have developed not let me put more than 10 catches. In my final project pdf explain everything, hope you like it.

More Info:

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