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#LostFound_BCN via Twitter
Jun 05, 2013 Teresa J2
#LostFound_BCN via Twitter

I am posting my project proposal in this forum not so much to enter in the book selection, but primarily to seek constructive feedback from my peer students (and potential users).

My idea consists on using Twitter (as a primary social media tool) as a new channel to post objects found in public spaces. Eventually (if it should work out) a mobile device Application or a website could be developed, in which both found and lost objects could be reported.

Down you can find the links to:
- My project proposal
- A mock-up mobilde device application
- A mock-up website
- A view on the Twitter page where found objects can be posted (using the hashtag #LostFoundBCN)

I would really appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have!
Thank you and good luck with your own projects!

More Info:
#LostFound_BCN Project description
Mock-up #LostFound_BCN mobile application
Mock-up #LostFound_BCN website
Twitter / Search - #LostFoundBCN

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