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Updated: May 28, 2013 Teresa J2

I am very sorry if this is not the place to post this, but I thought some of my colleagues developing very interesting apps relating to tourism might be interested in this:

Open Cities (a consortium of seven European cities that promote open innovation for the public sector) has launched the Open Cities Urban Lab Tourism Challenge, an online competition on Apps related to tourism and adressing one or more of the following identified challenges:
1. Connect locals with tourists
2. Personalize the visitors’ experience
3. Optimize the time for touristic visits while minimizing the impact for locals
4. How to best get around as a tourist

Deadline for project submissions is September 15th, but be sure to check the calendar for earlier milestones.

Again, please excuse me if this is not the place to post this - I could not figure where else to do...

More Info:
The Open Cities Urban Lab Challenge 2013 calls for solutions to solve identified TOURISM CHALLENGES | Opencities
Open Data Tourism Hack-at-home | Open Data Tourism Hack-at-home
Opencities | OPEN INNOVATION Mechanisms in Smarts Cities
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