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Engaging the citizens in the daily village management
May 27, 2013 Marta C

It consists on giving the local authorities from villages and small towns of the Barcelona province the opportunity to use technology to engage their citizens and to improve their daily management thanks to citizen collaboration in reporting issues on public space via an App.

The main project target are the villages under 20000 inhabitants, which are 260 of the total of 311 municipalities.

The idea is to avoid exclusion due to a lack of technology. So, even knowing that villages are not cities, I think it is possible to introduce some elements of the smart city concept on them.

Due to the lack of technical and sometimes also economical resources of these small towns, the idea is to deploy this system from the supra-local administration, to take advantage of economies of scale, as it has almost the same cost for the supra-local entity to develop and maintain the system for two or three towns to the 250 or 260 small towns.

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