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City that Connects, Learns and Loves its Urban Biodiversity
Updated: Jun 03, 2013 Liew W In Progress
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City that Connects, Learns and Loves its Urban Biodiversity
Loving my Urban Biodiversity!

I grew up in a city that is known as "a city in a garden". The city is fully urbanised, yet has more than 40% greenery coverage.

As I walk along the streets, I see trees, plants, flowers, insects and other animals around me. At my workplace, I hear the calls of birds.

But I'm astonished that not all the city's inhabitants know about the amazing urban biodiversity around us!

How do we connect to the amazing urban biodiversity around us, create a community which loves and appreciates its urban biodiversity?

My idea is to (refer to the link for elaboration):
Create an app with system:
- enhance the interaction and appreciation between the city’s inhabitants and the biodiversity within the city
- enable citizens to interact with the government agencies to contribute information about the movement of flora and fauna across the island
-allow citizens, government and interest groups to form a community that appreciates and loves the urban biodiversity in the city.

More Info:
City Loving Urban Biodiversity (Alternate Link if the link above don't work)
City Loving Urban Biodiversity

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