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City's maintenance
May 28, 2013 Alessandro C1

My idea concerns the city's maintenance (troubles and proposals). So I would like to study an application allows citizens to point out problems about: street, public public transport, etc. Furthermore it would have to submit to the municipality project made by from citizens on specific areas (example: abandoned public areas or not finished projects - a big problem in Rome)
I’d like to learn if it is possible to change things with the help of Internet and ICT. So I would build a "place" where people could have a “meeting” to talk about problems on specific area. I think it would be interesting, also, to see if that can influence municipality's programs.
I would like to do something to improve the quality of living and working in Rome overall in peripheral zone (but not only there) where are the most of problematic areas.
The city where I live: Rome, Italy. In this paper I show three example (but I could find a lot of them in Rome).........

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