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C.E.M.A.S. Smart eyewear for medication reminding
May 24, 2013 K Rose Q

The big problem I see with phone reminders, medication dispensers, etc is that they worked on the supposition that the patient would either not be far away from the device or would always have it on and in earshot. I also don't like the way these devices look and as a young adult who has worked with very ill children in the past I felt that something more inconspicuous was needed because no matter how you design it, everyone around the patient knows that the wristband or armband or pendant, etc is for a medical need and I feel (also as patient myself who has to take a lot of scheduled meds every day) that this makes people less likely to take their reminder devices with them and consequently, take their meds properly. I feel that the market for this need is completely geared to the elderly who need the extra support of a caregiver and monitoring but misses children and young adults who also need this service but are more independent and want more control over their options.

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