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TechniCity: The Book - Competition
TechniCity: The Book - Competition
You asked for TechiCity: The Book. Now it is time for you to contribute your project and to vote on the best projects.

You are invited to post your final project for the class to view. Feel free to post your pdf or video of your project. Be sure to include a brief paragraph about what your project is about. Be sure to tell us where you project is at. Be descriptive as you want to attract votes from your classmates.

We want to make sure to get a global perspective as part of the book project. Don't worry if the English isn't perfect in evaluating the projects. We will edit the projects before they would appear in the final book.

We can only take a limited number of projects so vote for the ones that you like best. We will include a minimum of 10 projects and possibly more based on room.

About The Challenge

TechniCity: The Book Challenge

So many great project ideas have emerged. We see tremendous opportunity to publish the results of the class projects in an E-Book.

The Winner

Idea Collaboration by  MindMixer