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Virtual Round Table:Citizens, Stakeholders & Policy Community
Updated: May 10, 2013 maher I

It is summarized, by creating a communicative public participatory environment, using a number of mapping and integrated “microblogging” tools like (Google maps, Facebook, twitter, and web blogs). Providing a virtual environment for “place-making “and decision making activities, aims to empower participants in public policy decisions.
A kind of place for debate and voting about urban matters; A place of collective ideas of planning projects, which could be collected, filtered and classified according to its relevance to a specific subject, then it could ranked with respect to its importance.
The idea is not original, but there is no such tool in my country. An idea that been inspired by the case of Sanayeh Garden, where government officials had been “exploring the idea” of building large parking lots under the “Sanayeh garden” to accommodate the city’s growing population. In this case the voices of citizens, stakeholders, planners and decision makers were dispersed across the media.

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Sanyeh Garden, Beirut - Lebanon

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