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Use of cheap high altitude unmanned balloons and drones
May 14, 2013 Sky K

So I am struggling to choose a topic and the deadline is fast approaching. One idea actually close to my heart is the use of cheap high altitude unmanned balloons and drones for city planning. High altitude balloons and drones are really big in the DIY community right now...It is feasible and very cheap to launch your own near space balloon, and governments are struggling to
develop appropriate policy for the fast expanding drone movement.

The uses for city planning are endless:

1) mapping of cities - cities are fast changing, with drones and balloons it is feasible to remap your city on a monthly basis
2) Environmental monitoring - balloons and drones can target problem areas such as toll booths, freeways, factories, refineries, and pretty much "live" in the atmosphere directly above these spots, collecting data. Using multiple real time sensors and wind flow data you can track the flow and dispersion of pollution from the problem spot to other areas of the city

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