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Twitter Traffic Service
May 01, 2013 Volare A
Twitter Traffic Service

I found something interesting in my city, Surabaya, through Twitter. Since a lot of people using smartphone, we're engage in social media application like Facebook, Twitter, Path, Foursquare, etc.

This Twitter account shows us that people using it to know how is the traffic in a place in a time. How it works? In some nodes, Surabaya Transportation Agency puts CCTV so they can monitor the traffic. In some nodes or path which no CCTV, the people who passing that corridor or nodes are tweeting to @e100s, which is the biggest radio in Surabaya, to inform how's the traffic condition to other followers.

I show you links to that Twitter account, but the information is in Bahasa Indonesia, so I think you may translate it into English :)

Thank you.

More Info:
Surabaya Traffic Service on Twitter
Radio Suara Surabaya (e100ss) on Twitter

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