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Travel Goggles - Make tourism more Amusing and interactive
May 13, 2013 Vivek P
Travel Goggles - Make tourism more Amusing and interactive

I would like to initiate design a glass that would make the trip more amazing for Travelers/Tourists.
By wearing the Travel goggle:
1. The tourist would get a feel of oneself being physically present in that particular place.
ex. say a person visits an old monument, then the travel goggle makes it more lively by generating views of soldiers walking by etc.
2. The Travel goggle would be capable of guiding you though various places of the touristic zone.
3. It would show related videos of that monument or place.
This video would pop up on the lens of the goggle.
4. This facility would make travel and touring so much more attractive and lively.
5. it would create a virtual environment around.
6. It would act as a complete tour guide.

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