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TraffiCast - Text Alerts of Real-Time Traffic Conditions
Apr 29, 2013 Greg K17

I'm not sure why this isn't already being done (or, if it is, why it's not more popular): I should be able to get a Text message almost the minute anything serious happens on the roadways around town... TraffiCast -- a free service... all one has to do is create a login on the Site and/or Mobile app -- will send me a Text Alert any time that some "Situation" on the roads (accident, back-up, slippery conditions, blockage in the roadway, etc.) when, say, FIVE or more other Subscribers (who have seen/experienced the same Situation) report the same thing... Instantly, I (and the thousands of other Subscribers) will know what roads to avoid, and how to make adjustments to my schedule, or maybe stay at the Pub for another round, and wait...


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