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Tracking cycling routes for bike lane development and repair
May 11, 2013 Lindsay V3

Many routes cyclists use either don't have bike lanes or are in disrepair, which both create safety concerns and prevent or deter citizens from cycling in the city.

From my experience, traveling on a bike in the downtown is faster than any other method of transportation - car, bus, streetcar, subway - not to mention less expensive, less of a hassle (no need to search for parking for very long), and better for the environment and population health.

I'd like to create a data collection system to provide the city with some data about most used roads so they can a) implement bike lanes and b) make sure these most commonly used routes are well maintained - so that cyclists don't have to veer into car traffic lanes to avoid grates or potholes, ultimately increasing cyclist safety, as well as minimizing driver frustration with cyclists on the road.

This may be an app that tracks the cyclist's routes and time of use, but I'd be interested in hearing other's suggestions!


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