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Touristic Smart sensor network
Updated: May 30, 2013 fra M
Touristic Smart sensor network

Create a sensor network with relative touchpoints to build a new way to be a tourist. Mix design of internet of things to service design.
The system will not just give infos but also it will make monuments and enviroments interactive, creating a touristic experience active. I'm especially interested in mix monuments and wild areas that are inside my city like 3 lagoons and 1 mountain, I would love to integrate this area in the touristic route as it's totally ignored by tourists.
Main sensors will be NFC and QRs cause they permit to have infos in a easy way, without have to build infrastructures, they are cheap and with a great potential. Also augmented reality is quite useful in the archeo sites.
I think it's essential to evaluate the interactions of the tourist with the places and monuments to not creating some useless sensor/code that is not interesting, so I planned to check the feedback.

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Technicity Final Written INTRO

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