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Tech can help urban gardeners sell local food at existing stores
Updated: May 07, 2013 Virginia H1

This would encourage urban farming and local food. I would set up a system in which a small gardener could market excess produce using the existing commercial grocery store system. A self-service kiosk at the store would allow gardeners to print out their own UPC codes.

For example: I grow too many tomatoes and want to sell them so I take 20 tomatoes to the grocery store, where I type in my ID, chose my price and number and print out 20 $1 scan code stickers that I affix to my tomatoes. The scan codes are used to track my produce, which is now mixed with produce from other local gardeners. Later, when someone buys one of my tomatoes, 80 cents is credited to me and the store gets 20 cents. The store makes money and has no risk, because they didn't have to buy the tomatoes and the are able to offer the freshest, most local food. I am able to sell what I can't eat!


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