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Talking cities
May 01, 2013 simone G

The idea is based on inversion of control, like Hollywood principle: "Don't call us, we'll call you".
Usually people look for information inside cities, spending time to find desired information. It would be easier if the information could be given to people at the rigth time without asking for it. The city should talk to people, giving the right informations at the right time. This could be achieved through a behavioral intelligence, analyzing beahviour and interaction with real life, through geolocalization and other kind of interaction like nfc, qrcode, or defining area of interest.
For example i could be informed of problem while going to work, or be notified if i park my car in a no parking zone, o receive an alert if something dangerous is happenig near my home, be informed if my bus is in late, o receive information about new exhibitions while i pass near museum i visited.


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