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Subscription in The Real World
May 12, 2013 Zagros V
Subscription in The Real World

Have you enjoyed in that Bar? How was the last night restaurant? Are you interested in that museum?
What about last week exhibition? Or that sport shop you have seen last week?
These are many questions that if their answers were "YES" or "GREAT", you want to be there again, NOT? maybe next time with friends! So lets share this place with our friends ....
But we want more. we want to receive offerts from that Bar or store, or get recent news from that museum; about their new programs or new event they are going to hold these days.
So? OK! if those places had a technology which worked with NFC of my smart phone, then all of them would be possible! We just need to touch our smart phone to it's reader (ex. installed in the entrance) and we have been subscribed in that place.
That all .... What do you think?
I'm eager to hear about your comments about it ....

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