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May 11, 2013 Balazs L

It's easy to create concept that will change the whole city. But how do you get started? My project is about designing a scalable solution that let's you start small. From your apartment to your apartment building to your block.
What are the services that can help a city when only available in isolated islands? How can these services be scaled when the islands interconnect and fuse?
My proposed technology based solution is a local DTN news distribution system that uses open WiFi networks and smartphones to store and forward information relevant to a neighborhood. No need to post and share everything on Facebook and Twitter, reduce your carbon footprint.
Use cases:
- Advertisement. Everything you would othervise post on a local billboard.
+ You lost or found a cat/dog/elderly person
+ You are selling or looking for a flat, looking to share or borrow a lawn mower
+ You are organizing a party, looking for the girl you fell in love at 1.st sight
- News
- Parking
- Danger


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